Greetings and Peace be upon all,

Dear friends and supporters, last night we made history and we came a long way.

When we started this journey over six months ago, we had a dream and a vision for a brighter future --

A dream of mobilizing and uniting our community for the service and greater good of all communities

A vision of an organized, proactive, participatory, community with exemplary, faithful, citizenship and membership

The dream today is a robust reality as a result of this awesome journey.

The vision, as compelling and as lucid as it may be, is closer to being achieved than any other time, certainly much closer than when we started this arduous track.

I want above all to thank my wife and best supporter Badria, my loving kids Abrar, Anwar, Yousof, and Ibrahim and parents, brothers and sister Samar.

I want first to thank all the pillars of the campaign (not just members or employees) but pillars, your countless efforts and selfless acts despite the ups and downs of the campaign are most greatly appreciated and my feelings of gratitude are immeasurable -- thank you.

Thank you Mukit, Marcus, Wasim, Steve Jerry, Aiman, Zak, Maura and Emad, Khalil, Evan, Zuhair, Um Zuhair, Ron, Mike, Rick, Brian, Jamal, Mina, Gillian, Erik, Dennis, David, Alex, Bob M, Farida and Aisha, Bahri, Abdul Hakim and family, Ahmed, Akram, Mohamed, Adam, Douaa, Hossein, Abbas, Yousef, Zaher, Sadia and family, Hussein and Zayneb, Shahinaz, Salwa, Rima, Ghada, Nayrouz, Ziad, Mahdi, Johari, Maher, Ashraf, Fathia, Ashraf, Maher, Hazem, Abdi, Gheith, Sam, Mobein, Samir, Nadeem, Rafi, Zeba and family, Rola and Abu Sabri, Waleed, Mohamed, Diana, Nayla and group, Emad, Wadi, Rehab, Ahmed and Lena, Nehad and Haithem, Ayoub and Abu Ayoub, Fathi, Mariam, MUNA family, Ismail and every worker and supporter not mentioned.

I also cannot thank enough our volunteers, it is very clear from the get go, that no campaign can be successful without its volunteers, those who invest their time, resources and energies in it, those who believe in its message and vision and those who recognize the dire need for the work that our campaign is doing, your performance yesterday at the polls was stellar and is a testament of every one’s tenacity and willingness to help and participate -- thank you.

To all those who have been generous and tremendously gracious in supporting our campaign financially, thank you and may the Almighty bless you and your families in abundance and in multitude for what you have given. Campaigns depend heavily on strong resources and their success is directly linked to its ability to bring in resources. Our campaign was ranked as the best performing campaign in the last quarter of this race, not just among the challenger campaigns, but also with the incumbent ones, because of your generosity and support -- thank you.

I want to also thank my colleagues for the races they ran and the efforts they have exerted.

Tonight we are one family and we are joined by our common goal, to keep the 35th district Democrat and espouse the values and principles of common sense progressive policies of our Democratic party. We have an uphill battle to convert the general assembly house of delegates to a Democratic balance to enable our Democratic governor and lieutenant governor to continue the progressive uplifting policies of Governor Kaine and from before Senator Warner.

We have big challenges to tackle especially in the face of a faltering economy and a sobering job market. We are blessed to be in the 35 district and we have enjoyed the prosperity of Fairfax County. We will do everything we can to maintain the very reasons why it is today what it is. The excellence in our schools and the breadth of services provided in Fairfax County must be maintained despite difficult budgetary constraints. We also need to be innovative and responsible as we tackle age-long transportation problems and as we remain environmentally conscientious, while we sustain our support for business and economic growth. We need inclusive independent strong leadership to move us forward in Virginia.

Lastly, today is a celebration of the diversity of our Virginia and the robustness of our great democracy. People from all different communities came out to choose a more representative general assembly to reflect the beautiful colors of Virginia in the General Assembly. There’s nobody better than the Democratic Party to champion this diversity and foster this progress. Thank you FCDC, and fellow Democrats.

This campaign in its ascendancy has met several challenges and many more remain ahead. We are proud of where we are today, but the work is far from over. As I have mentioned earlier, this campaign opened curious eyes and turned inquisitive heads as well as inspired yearning hearts and infused needed energy into souls passionate about community activism and civic engagement. We will engage our inquisitors, inspire our fans and supporters and train and develop those enthralled by the mission of civic engagement and outreach for the greater good.

We will always take the higher road and transcend any difficulties or conflict so that we can concentrate our energies and passions on working together and paving common grounds. We must be ready to serve our constituency in the 35th district well, and be ready to address its challenges and maximize its opportunities for the progress and prosperity of Fairfax County and the 35th district.

We will reach out to all our friends and supporters and create common venues for dialogue and understanding for everybody. We wish to serve, and serve well, every member, every community of the 35th district and address every issue and matter that our district faces today.